Journey to Mecca is an IMAX® dramatic and documentary feature that tells the amazing story of Ibn Battuta, the greatest explorer of the Old World, following his first pilgrimage between 1325 and 1326 from Tangier to Mecca.

His perilous journey resonates with adventure while presenting an unforgettable picture of Islamic civilization during the 14th century, culminating with Ibn Battuta's first Hajj. The story is book-ended by a close-up look at the contemporary Hajj, a pilgrimage to Mecca that draws three million Muslims from around the world.

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Journey to Mecca wins Best Dramatic Short at 43rd annual Houston International Film Festival.
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SK Films and Cosmic Picture are pleased to announce JOURNEY TO MECCA: In the Footsteps of Ibn Battuta has won the PRIX DU PUBLIC at the La Geode Film Festival in Paris.
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The Journey to Makkah Opus

The Journey to Makkah Opus is a unique record of the Hajj, the most important pilgrimage in islam. It will reflect the experience of millions of Muslims all over the world…

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Ibn Battuta on the Cover of TIME Magazine

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Journey to Mecca: In the Footsteps of Ibn Battuta DVD and Blu Ray available on May 10, 2011

Don't miss out on this amazing journey. Pre-order your copy now!
Journey to Mecca Blu-ray Disc
Journey to Mecca DVD

Journey to Mecca Opens in St. Louis, Missouri

"You'll feel like you are part of Battuta's journey to Mecca." - Steph Kukuljan, St. Louis Magazine (October 7, 2010)

Journey to Mecca Opens in Birmingham, UK

"An educational and visually stunning experience."
- Roz Laws, Sunday Mercury (September 24, 2010) ****

"Some of the world's most amazing landscapes."
- Graham Young, Birmingham Mail (September 24, 2010) ****

Journey to Mecca Opens at Chicago's Navy Pier IMAX Theater

"Journey to Mecca impresses as spectacle...most impressive are aerial and time-lapse panoramas of Muslims undertaking the Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca."
- Bill Stamets, Chicago Sun-Times (August 20, 2010)

"The vast desert landscapes look terrific in this cinematic format."
- Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune (August 20, 2010)

"As the screen lit up with the film's breathtaking cinematography...I knew this was going to be a surreal experience...a treat to the eye...Journey to Mecca is best displayed, with all its power, on an IMAX don't wait for the inevitable DVD release."
- Meha Ahmad, The Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (August 11, 2010)

An SK Films release in association with National Geographic of a Cosmic Picture film, produced by Cosmic Picture and SK Films.

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